“I felt expansive gratitude, love and peace”

It is often difficult for me to describe in words the feelings I experience during Panda’s courses, but as I walked away from this group on my last evening at the beach, I felt expansive gratitude, love and peace. It was bubbling out of me and both softened and brightened the world I saw. Each course, while different, gives me a deeper connection to spirit and a stronger ability to appreciate spirit in the every day. It helps me touch into the place that never leaves. My home. Myself…. The magic of what we have and the mystery of what we don’t. Thank you to Panda and the group for creating this space of natural magic. Past course takeaways have been grounding, etheric connection, and shifts in perspective. This time my takeaway was love.





“I have never shared so much of my truth and life experiences so freely”

For me, being with Panda has been and still is an onward and upward journey of love, truth, silence, joy and receiving the presence of Grace. In each class I feel I arrive with nothing (no expectations, no fixed ideas, no judgements) and I leave nothing behind (no regrets or unspoken truths) and each time all that remains is wonder, love and deep gratitude to Panda & to all the divine beings (you) & realised beings who attend his classes. And of course, not forgetting my wife & soul-mate, Eva who has supported me and walked hand in hand with me along all these inner and outer journeys !!

This class was my 13th (lucky) class with Panda in 3 years but I have never shared so much of my truth and life experiences so freely, happily, playfully & without fear. A new feeling for me !! And I also realised during the class how much freer, lighter, happier and more playful I feel. Also a new feeling !! So I can only say that I thoroughly enjoyed my Self & also being with all of you. It seemed we carried Satsang energy with us everywhere !!

Classes in Arambol are such a perfect balance (Tao) and such a rich, playful, simple life amidst all the chaos, busy-ness, distractions, worldly pleasures and entertainment that Arambol has to offer. But I always feel so nourished and full anyway, without being drawn to or feeling a need for anything else!!

I often had little or no sleep during this time and lying awake in the early hours much clarity and many revelations, understandings came to me, seemingly inspired by the Presence & power of our Satsang.





“A sense of trust and faith I rarely have experienced before.”

12 years ago I heard about a man who teaches the path of Tao. I didn’t attend his course but the thought stayed with me all these years and I kept thinking that one day I would…
2 weeks ago, with a heavy heart and a dark cloud of thoughts over my head I landed in India to finally meet the man Panda Chi.
Fast forward to today, no dark cloud, the ability to just be peacefully here in the moment, enjoy the beauty around me, and more than anything a sense of trust and faith I rarely have experienced before.






“There is another, very beautiful, dimension out there”

I feel I have touched my soul during the course, it felt like coming home – this was what I was looking for! I could feel so much life-force energy and love, it was a wonderful and emotional experience. There is another, very beautiful, dimension ‘out there’ where there is peace and stillness and where I feel totally loved and free. I just experienced a glimpse of this, but my vision has definitely expanded and life has made sense to me again. Now I know there is also a spot for me in this world – even though I don’t know yet how to live my life exactly in order to fit in while staying true to myself. But I have trust and faith I will get more clarity along the way, as I am putting this experience of consciousness on the top of my list now.





“You become beautiful and limitless”

I loved how quick and deep people let go of ego, self projection and fences of their mind just because the opportunity is given. If there is space to let go we can easily relax and it shows us how much energy we waste for that stupid idea we have to be someone or that person in that commercial. And when you get shown what to do with that now new free energy, you become beautiful and limitless . I deeply bow my head for all that people who have found their smile again and now know where to smile at! Love and thank you!






“The magic of it all is still sitting with me”

An experience I will never forget as I feel as though it has been imprinted in my soul. The magic of it all is still sitting with me, I feel more myself then ever. I discovered a piece of myself I didn’t know existed and fell in love. Sitting and staring at the sunset right now taping into a sense of calmness I can’t really describe as anything but the most beautiful thing. Panda thank you so so so much for coming and showing me the path to my soul. I am hungry for more of this as I allow myself to let go and dive deeper. Just having this experience has helped me so much. There is so many lessons learnt that I am able to rely on in my day to day. It has given me the confidence to just go for it and that I have nothing to fear, thank you!





“It was a truly spiritual experience brimming with love”

First things first, I’m still moved by the energy of the weekend workshops and feel very blessed to have taken part. It was a truly spiritual experience brimming with love, acceptance and a lot of laughter! Panda is a gifted teacher and luminous soul; and the peace, stillness and connection he offered are things that I continue to treasure. I had no idea what to expect at the beginning of the course but left with a stronger, more rooted connection to myself and my life process, with all its ebbs and flows. I’ve managed to incorporate ideas from the Satsangs as well as the simple yet powerful Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises into my daily routine. Panda’s books have proven invaluable for dipping into when I need a bit of ‘Soul-Realisation’. I’m eternally grateful for this new connection, love you all!





“A rich nourishment for the soul”

The retreat with Panda Chi was a precious experience for me and had a very balancing and grounding effect. It was a rich nourishment for the soul by giving focus to that which is real, eternal, unchanging, and true. I loved the Satsangs. They were filled with powerful reminders of the truth of our being, given by Panda Chi from his deep place of knowing, shared with sincerity, beauty and grace. The tender, honest and heartfelt contributions from all members of our group were very touching…thank you all for that. The overall flow between Satsang, quiet, and exercises was perfect for me. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks, Panda Chi, for being such an open channel for the divine, thereby providing a true quality experience!





“I now feel so present… and at the same time, I become so conscious and aware”

This course especially gave to me a lot.  When I started, I was full of anger and wasn’t easy for me to release. At this point, I wasn’t ready to release it. The fact is I was feeding my mind with anger everyday. So as an observer I could change it by putting myself in the present. So through that, it just disappeared and my relaxation became deeper and what a change that made. I now feel so present and can feel my whole body and at the same time, I become so conscious and aware. I see more clearly and understand the – “not doing”  and just follow the flow of life. Taking decisions was never easy to make until now. I can now look at the people without thinking, so no more judgements. I feel nature, simple and become more a listener than a speaker. I know now how to recognise the acting of the Ego, so that completely changed everything. When you understand that you create more space and silence inside yourself. I received so much love and happiness in this course. Panda is an amazing person!




“I first saw my own mind thinking”

It is hard for me to describe Panda’s course. It is profound, it is kind. Through conscious movement, through breath, joy, and becoming truly aware, we learn to deeply relax. We carry tensions we are not aware of, thought patterns that do not serve us, assumptions that we do recognise as our conditioning.. These tire us, we don’t even know what we are holding.

It is in this course that I first saw my own mind thinking. It was an amazing experience for me, who has meditated all of my life, to notice, not only the thoughts, but that in observing my thinking mind, there emerged an awareness of a self far bigger and deeper than what I had previously understood to be me.
When Panda helped me to understand that our minds are not who we are, that they are mechanisms whose function is problem solving, and therefore, they do not make us happy or joyful, I realised that the joy, the delight, relaxation and inner peace come from another place. A place that is ever present. A place of no mind and non-doing. I could write all day about it, but it is a place without words, that needs to be experienced.




“I wasn’t sure this was possible for me… but to my surprise and delight it did”

I was one of the first time students of this class and although I didn’t know what it would really involve or how it would work, I sensed it was going to do something much more than teach us some tai chi or chi kung moves. Now I understand it is all about creating the space and energy for a deep process to unfold in each individual. That process and the effects are about something formless and wordless it’s difficult to describe verbally. It showed me my resistance, the endless chatter in my mind that stands between myself and the divine energy that is always there in everything. If only we tune in to it. Being here allowed me to fall into the gap, trip into it and bathe in it. I wasn’t sure this was possible for me, yes little old me, but to my surprise and delight it did.

Thank you for your energy and consciousness, Panda, that you share and transmit to us. Thank you for your empathy and compassion, your authenticity and care. Thank you everyone in the class for your speaking your truths from your hearts, allowing us all to enter our heart spaces in those moments and just be. Being not doing is the essence of this course. I feel I don’t need to keep looking any more. I’ve found what my real self / soul knew it needed here and I’ll be back next week. Now I know why people come to you again and again. Infinite gratitude. My eyes are still shining.





“Before the course my mind was continuously busy”

I wanted to say thank you for the space you created during your course. At the time I wasn’t sure about what it was doing with me, but I’ve realised lately that the space you created had a profound influence on my state of being right now.

Before the course my mind was continuously busy with what was going on in my life. But after visiting Varanasi and during my travels across Rajasthan I realised that a calm state of mind is what is going on right now. I’ve been able to drop some ‘baggage’ and it allows me to much more just to be. I feel a big shift is happening and I feel happy. The space you created had me realise that I needed to create space for me to be. So thank you so much.





“I was given a glimpse and the feeling of what grace can be like”

When I first walked into Panda’s Chi Garden I could perceive a certain kind of stillness. There was something about that place that almost instantly made me go into a deeper silence and rest within myself. When the group of all these wonderful individuals then came together my initial feeling grew even bigger. It is this space allowed by Panda and every person in that group when resting the mind, opening up the heart and speaking from the soul. It is this stillness that is all around us even when the surroundings keep us occupied. This stillness brings out our truest nature which is to love, be kind and be one with each other. Thanks Panda for providing wonderful tools to gain access to a deeper knowledge, a deeper wisdom. Throughout the course I started realising that the tool of Tai Chi forms open up a door to being present, being aware and to surrender. In turn this gives rest to one’s voices in the mind, the ego and the constant judgement and evaluation. There always is space to see your own beauty reflecting in others. I was given a glimpse and the feeling of what grace can be like. I am truly touched, grateful and humble to the Universe and the Divine and thank you, Panda and all those beautiful souls who participated in the course. Love to all.





“Thank you for reminding me to love myself”

I came to the class with an unclear mind and a foggy spirit, looking to work on old injuries. During the first class I quickly understood what will be resisting was old spiritual and emotional disturbances. Through the meditation and the openness of the platform provided by Panda, I allowed myself to share my pain and joy, to go within my present fears and insecurities; and with the help of the Tai Chi form and the collective sharing, I was allowing my inner being to slowly manifest itself. I have a long journey ahead of me to connect fully with my center again. But I feel the greatest gift I received from the course is a window to a spirit that was long forgotten. Thank you Panda for providing a possibility for my spirit to start manifesting itself once again. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thank you for reminding me to love myself and be at peace with myself.





marianne-denmark“So much happened and I am so thankful to meet you”

I was looking for something, a transformation, to awaken, peace, but i didn’t know exactly what, but I needed to get back in balance. In my search around Goa I found Panda Chi and joined his course a few days later. I started an indescribable journey towards my true heart and soul and was allowed to be and be and be and share and receive so much love and understanding. To feel the energy in stillness and be aware of the process that happens only when we are in peace, ‘not doing’ but being still.

So much happened and I am so thankful to meet you Panda as you are so true and full of compassion and love. The way you share is so wise and how you balance your words are so fine in what you say and share in the present moment. I am still filled up as the process still proceeds within. I have met such wonderful, lovely people on this course as we went on a life journey together and learned so much from each other.

I wish that many others would give them self this gift to open up to the beauty and peace we all have but have almost forgotten that lies within us and the universe. I was suppose to leave with my flight after the first week on the course, but I quickly realised to put class as number one on my list and changed my flight ticket even though I declared in beginning I couldn’t because of my important work at home. But my work didn’t run away and I got the biggest gift since the last 20 years, from these 2 weeks for myself. Thank you Panda and all of you. I still miss you all and hope soon I can join your course again





“Hereby I will try to explain the special magic of Panda’s classes”

First of all Panda is really present without stories of past or future, without personal ambitions or wishes – emptiness – no mind – what remains is peace love, bliss, and a big smile.
If you look in his eyes you know that he knows that both of you really know who you are – Gods! Thank God, awareness is also contagious, so the whole class is immediately on a higher awareness level with his presence. Three hours of intense conscious body movement releases old tensions and blockages in the body, emotions, and mind. As the universe does not tolerate a vacuum, it gets immediately replaced by the pure energy of love, – chi.

Doing class with Panda is the easiest, relaxing way to get rid of old suffering and garbage and get lighter and lighter day-by-day. I say that as a spiritual traveler of more than fifty years experience. OK, I mean to say that this is a divine romance. We express our love with our silence, efforts, aches and pains, and all of those complex movements and he expresses his love to be there with us with his big smile. He surrenders from the beginning and sooner or later we are surrendering too, so love can flow freely and heal on all levels. It’s as simple and easy and beautiful as that!





“The combination of skills that you teach,
brings together body, mind and soul”

Panda your course was a very profound experience. The work is so subtle it’s hard to describe the experience it unlocks, but it led me on a journey. For me it was a journey of many wonderful (and some hard…) things, but mostly rediscovering my own energy after a long period of chronic fatigue, as well as opening a door to living in a quieter, fuller, more present way.

Panda you have a very practical course, and are a natural teacher: down to earth and not afraid to laugh, which I liked a lot. The combination of skills that you teach, brings together body, mind and soul, which were deeply empowering during the course itself, but also afterwards, when I practiced. I feel I’ve now found a way of helping myself: to nurture and cultivate energy and through that hopefully to lead a more balanced, grounded life, feeling more in touch with myself and my own energy, and more able to experience harmony with the world around me.
It’s wonderful to feel at the beginning of something new and beautiful… With love and thanks to you Panda!!!





“Thank you Panda for bringing me back to my heart”

A few times I tried yoga, but it was so complicated for my body that my mind suffered, which left no space for my soul. I then took Panda’s course and everything started to fall into place.

My body-(it was tired after class)- but now has been feeling really good. My mind is relieved – because it has a good job now.

I can’t say that much about my soul – but now I begin to feel I have one.

All these three parts of me started to harmonize with each other and began to unify. This all brought me that magic feeling that my heart is now being heard.
The short texts which Panda read while we rested also made a good influence for my mind. I’ve heard the same words many times before but you made my heart listen more.





“I’ve stopped being so hard on myself”

A HUGE thank you for all the wonderful teachings you’ve given me.  I’ve been going through a transformation these last few months & much of your guidance & teachings have – and continue to – help me.   The wisdom you transmit runs deep & as I continue to walk this path, I realise more & more how essential, beautiful & useful the courses were!
I’ve stopped being so hard on myself!  My inner monalogue’s lightened up quite a bit & I can watch the thoughts & not get so entangled in them!  yahooooo!  I start to apply the principle of ‘go with’ a lot more to my daily life & stop controlling my external environment.  And as I’ve stopped hating myself so much, SURPRISE the universe has gotten a lot more of a pleasant place to be!  I just wanted to let you know, because even though some of your students don’t return, it doesn’t mean the practice of self-mastery has stopped!

So Thank YOU!  Beaming you light, a former Scottish student






“I notice something that wasn’t there before”

Panda’s class is one of the most honest situations you can put yourself in, if there’s something you need to find out about yourself this course will make it evident to you.

What´s really great about Panda’s class is you always get to meet and connect with all kinds of new and interesting people. And as a group we all set off on a journey towards movement, inspiring change leading to deeper relaxation and satisfaction.

The biggest benefit I got from Panda’s class is experiencing and realizing to what a great extent how my thoughts affect my bodies health. And learning how to reshape the movements of my thoughts through the movements of my body.

Every time I do the ‘work’ I notice something that wasn’t there before, becoming aware of it has made a big difference. My co-ordination increased noticeably after working with Panda. Both co-ordination of body and of the mind.  Doing Panda’s course has just made it so much easier to navigate on this crazy planet we’re living on.





“Oh dear friend, will you believe me…”,

I have found an angels gate on the earth! You just have to come and very slowly all the heavy shadows of your pains and sufferings that you have carried along your life through your body and your heart will fall on the ground and go back to the earth.

Maybe you will cry and maybe you will try to fight but very slowly a huge wave of love will teach you how to heal your deepest wounds and very slowly a beautiful light will start to invade all your cells. You will be amazed by this miracle. You will start to shine and to fly. But you will have to be patient and you will need to rest because it is a soft & gradual process. Sometimes you will feel that you are falling deeper and deeper inside your own darkness. But don’t be afraid because here a wonderful love will take your hand and pour light onto you no matter how deep you have gone. Yes you will have to throw away all the walls that you have built inside yourself if you want to be free. Then you will realize that you are this love that you are this light, and stronger and stronger you will shine. There will be no more fear; there will be no more lies but a simple peaceful smile. You will open your eyes and you will see the same light inside everyone and everything.

Oh dear friend I hope that you will believe me. And if you are tired of not being yourself, if something deep inside your heart tells you that now it’s the time to change, take a big amount of courage and leave all the rest. Come and enjoy with us the magical miracle to be again an angel on this earth.





“I can’t explain to anyone what an amazing experience this was”

Thank you Panda for such an amazing experience, two weeks that have made a lasting difference in my life!

Six months ago I did a workshop with Panda and the wonderful Arrambol group, and now, more than ever, I know it was a powerful experience that helped to give me lasting strength.

I feel very grateful to have found my way to Panda’s Garden and to have met Panda.  The course was not always easy but Panda made it always feel safe. It was a place where we could push our limits further and experience the beauty and magic of ourselves.

The two weeks were filled with sensations, interesting, uplifting and moving, but Panda was right, these were the waves on top of the ocean, and now I know we were all working on a much deeper level.

I can’t explain to anyone what an amazing experience this was, it just has to be experienced yourself! Panda is a real teacher, someone who helped me to be more real!





“Helps harmonize the body-mind with the spirit”

I just finished a 10 day course with Panda. I’m a practicing psychiatrist in the USA and don’t get much physical exercise. I am quite a bit older and was resistant about the course but in the end I felt it was great. My energy level increased and so did my confidence.

From a psychiatric point of view I wish all my patients had access to Tai-Chi or Yoga. It helps harmonize the body-mind with the spirit and makes for a much more intigrated individual—of course this is not in lieu of psychotherapy or medication if indicated. We in the west especially in the USA depend too much on medication and are spending less on psychotherapy and little attention to any alternative methods of quieting the mind and invigorating the body.

To me Yoga and Tai-Chi are a wonderful adjunct to conventual psychiatric practices and I highly recommend it to all my patients. Panda of course is not an ordinary teacher. He has had vast life experiences and is full of good humor and sensitive to individual needs. Panda does a very good job, working us hard but keeping the whole thing relaxed and with a great sense of humor. I plan to do this course again sometime and highly recommend it. Sid Kaufman


If your wondering why people are so positive about class continue to… The Teacher