Meditation is a very important aspect of the Work. But there is a very big misconception among the general public about what meditation actually is. Most people often confuse meditation with some type of technique, which involves the practitioner using his or her concentration in some focused manner.  In fact we cannot ‘do’ meditation.  Meditation is a state beyond the thinking mind.  The Meditational state in fact is actuality something that ‘occurs’ or ‘happens’.  When we ‘personally’ are  not trying to ‘do’ or manifest something – when the mind is still and tranquil. While engaged in the Work a natural calm engulfs the practitioner as the busy mind dissolves and the state of meditation arises.




Everyone of us is a totally unique being, but yet we are all the same when we come back to our humanity. I have been very fortunate to share this oneness with my students-friends. Here are just a few of their comments and experiences from class that they have shared before the camera… Video Testimonials