Classes and courses are dedicated to spiritual awakening, Soul-realization. Through the conscious, awakened state of presence, which I received from my spiritual teachers, the free state of no-mind was revealed to me. I now share this free state of ‘being’ through my work, which is ‘transmited’ through vibration in conjunction with a threefold physical practice that also purifies and harmonizes the body, mind with spirit.  In this free state beyond the mind the experiential experience of one’s truest inner nature arises: The presence and power of ‘being’.

The philosophies of Advaita and Taoism are an integral part of the work and are applied in association with all the exercises. The Inter-active sharing of deeper issues related to Truth, sometimes referred, as ‘Satsang’ is an essential element throughout the work. The participant thus receives and takes away with them more than just a technical technique or exercise but rather a more profound and deeper experience and understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world we all live in.


ADVAITA – Non-Dualism

To realize the Soul (Atman), The Absolute (Brahman) that dwells in all beings, sometimes referred to as: God, The Truth, Buddha, etc.

The essential question: “Who am I?”

To find the answer to this question we need to be quiet and still and discern what is real from what is un-real.  Imagine our minds being like a lake.  On a calm day we can see the reflection of our face perfectly reflected in the still water.  Say for instance a speedboat crosses that lake. The water then becomes disturbed and the image of our face becomes distorted or even disappears because of the waves and ripples that run through it.  It’s the same with our minds when the mind is disturbed and full of thoughts we cannot experience the stillness of the lake that reflects the true reality.  By being in the direct presence of stillness and peace we can then recognize that stillness and peace within ourselves, which is the ‘Truth’ because what is more honest and truthful than silence itself?
When we truly experience our ‘Soul’ in it’s essence, which is beyond the conceptual mind and physical body the veil of duality is removed from the one who experiences and the experience itself. We then realize we are not separate from Creator, Creation or anything else that in fact we are ‘The Eternal Spirit’ that resides in the heart of all living beings.


The philosophy of nature embodied in peace, simplicity, humility and love. 

The real Tao cannot be talked about, named or given a form, yet it is expressed in all things named and all forms given.  Tao is peace and stillness but it is also the source of all activity. Never ending in its manifestations it operates everything.  Returning to itself, it seems to do nothing. When we return back to our original nature ‘The Source’ we are following ‘The Way.’  There is The Way of Man, which is ambition and desires: by every passing day we acquire more and more, filling ourselves.  Then there is The Way of Tao, which is returning back to Source the un-manifest: by every passing day we become less and less, emptying ourselves.  Returning to that, which is nameless and natural without labels or forms…Freedom!


An accurate description from a students point of view

olga  Olga Barkovskaya, Russia

So here’s what we’re doing with Master Panda Chi. The course is called “Soul-Realisation Through Movement”. The first time I participated was back in January 2009. Seven years later I have now returned.

We did Yoga in three dimensions-(Holy Trinity) – “Yoga of Body,” “Yoga of the Mind” and “Yoga of Spirit”-(Soul), an integrated system, compiled by Panda Chi. It is based on the philosophy of Tai Chi-(Taoism), Advaita-(Non dualism) & Satsang-( Meetings in the presence of Truth), with the accents & solutions directed towards spiritual healing which leads to Self-Realisation.

Inside & outside of class Panda makes himself available for us to speak personally as we would to a psychologist and he’s always open.

The purpose of the class – Meeting yourself through Grace.

Body, Mind and Spirit.- When a person thinks one thing but says another and acts differently, this produces the result not connected to their original intention. This is fragmentation between the natural harmony of body, mind & spirit. We become disconnected from our ‘being’ & its true nature. Most manipulation is consciously or subconsciously based upon this fragmentation.

The work aims to balance these three facets of ‘Being’-(body, mind, spirit) with ones inner-self, aligning between the polarities of Heaven & Earth through ones centre, which is the human body. Feeling this alignment, staying in its presence while contemplating and internalising it.

When we realise this alignment we are then able to live it in our daily lives & stay firmly rooted there.

Like a ‘Bubbling Cauldron’, the mind that can’t stop cooking. It can be neutralised by physical exercise, sports, ecstatic pleasure or a super complex project, alcohol, or stimulants such as drugs, legal or illegal, or whatever else we have in our arsenal. This seems like the common methodology used in our modern lifestyle. But all of these are just temporary solutions and non-lasting and many of them detrimental to ones health.


What I have been experiencing in the past six months are a few fictitious people living in my head that my ego is totally immersed with by discussing and sharing every detail of those fictitious lives in my imagination.

These phantoms are always waiting, come uninvited and are always there. I adore them by spending time with them in my head, even when it’s destructive. They also suck my energy and time.

This awareness is the first step towards my healing as I found out.

These constructions of mind, we must first see and then detach from. Because in your inner home there is actually nobody there, just soul and space.

We must release & detach the cords that we have developed & stored though our relationships from the past, because they take up much of our inner space. It’s difficult to remove them completely along with their root.

Through avoidance & self-denial the root manifests even deeper & expresses itself through aggression, frustration, despair and feeling lost.

By rerouting the mind by focusing and going into the body’s consciousness, we slowly leave the past and our problems behind.

The practice is aimed at the release of our impurities as; rage, anger, fear, resentment, pain, sickness and other toxins that are collected and stored in our cells, muscles and internal memory system that clog up our internal space. Releasing these return us to the natural balance between ones body, mind and soul.

From this release “emptiness” arises and you begin to feel the ‘flow’ and yourself (empty) inside this flow.

In class we have been receiving different types of energies from the essence of Nature in unlimited volumes (as nature does not limit anything) and reciprocate it back to its source. Along with this we have been stimulating the sexual energy,(kundalini)

and transforming it into love & compassion while developing a stronger connection to our own divine intuition.

We have been training to open up and feel the intuitive conscious presence of oneself in the moment – Now.

Practice Tools – Purification Exercises, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Sacred Chakra Healing Exercises, Satsang- (meetings in the presence of truth)

What we received:

1) To ground, drink in cosmic light, breathe through our energy centres, cast a protective energy field around ourself.

2) To reroute the busy mind and refocus ones attention and visualise the breath into specific areas of the body.

3) To disarm the mind, so that the body relaxes very deeply and the soul is touched, this also brings up sometimes, psychedelic realms and experiences. People in the group begin to feel an unusual trust and unity (“There is no you or me, and in our truest nature we are peace, bliss and love”) – which later becomes a natural feeling which is the true essence of our being.

4)The ability to feel and cultivate our own inner space (for some like me, to re -remember it again)  Feeling the wholeness and emptiness of this space and remaining there without any internal dialogs, questions or doubts, just nothing – peace.

5) The exercise are purifying our sacred vessel from junk (it comes out in the beginning when the mind is relaxed then the healing process begins. It can express itself through tears, nausea, aggression or pain in the body from where it has been blocked and stored. Often it gets worked out through dreams or hallucinations in a semi sleep state. Sometimes things are also released through external events such as accidents or misfortune because the clearing process is in interlinked to ones karma debts.

6) The exercises help us to focus on the present moment, this is the only thing that is real, because past and

future is a product of mind, which is Ego.

(7) The class helped us become more aware of the interaction of us and the world (people, events, environments). “if one feels something sucks or drains you – detach or change the theme”.  What I also discovered; “to give something – you must have something” – you can only truly share if you possess the resource that you wish to share.

8) To have a better interaction in our life (a) A relaxed body and a calm mind  b) Space and support for healthy influences such as nutrition and exercise – which increases the possibility of ‘being’ and sharing love. This is freedom which is awareness that comes from within ourself.

(9) The root causes of suffering – From our identification with Ego. It is the Ego that suffers when in a conflict with its own expectations and plans. Many people Identify themselves to their pain & problems. What would these people do, if they had nothing to complain about?

The main reasons behind most suffering is mind constantly relating to past or future. Only what is in the present moment is actually real.

10) We need let go of external influences that does’t support us that, demand, devastate and exhaust us.

We need to let it all go with gratitude from this we can still benefit from the positivity these collaborations gave us. If let go with anger, hate or frustration we build resentment that self-destructs all the benefits we received. It’s such an easy concept but difficult to master.

11) Transcendence lives in the present moment when you experience being free of Ego. This condition is very nutritious, by experiencing it you feel saturation, unity and happiness. Soon after the world is slowly filling you combined with your own inner contentment. There was always a two way dialog between Panda and us.

It was not just philosophising about it all, at Panda’s word, we have been experiencing it and sharing our own personal stories and experiences to each other. That means we used this information in the practice with the present moment in collaboration with each other. We were also moving, working on the Tai Chi forms in the altered state of mind after a series of meditations and “Secret” exercises, as well as dialogs-(Satsang) between them.

What was the hardest thing (for me) in meditation and Tai Chi – was the conscious synchronisation between my mind, body and movements, visualising the flow, making Tai Chi forms and all this “detach” stuff. This was such a hard work that soon after it I blackout for a few hours. Although a couple of days during the course there was nothing like that, just “normal”. But the interesting thing was by the end of the day, when I had processed the morning’s session, I came to meet the group on the beach at sunset.  We started making exercises and slowly we came together to such a level of Peace, Freedom and Synchronisation, that we were doing ALL without any focus whatsoever, without any mental or physical effort, just like that – it was flowing gracefully and easily, like a cloud.. And for a long time after I continued feeling a very tangible warmth. I couldn’t imagine what was reflected on my face at that moment.. (but I could look at the photo taken soon after the evening class). And also you start moving as if you are three times more light and agile. Only two weeks in class passed by… And some had been practicing it more than thirty years like Panda. And all the participants of class for sure have their own palette of perceptions of all this information and experiences. This is only the surface, I don’t think we went too far, but plenty far for beginners…

Thanks to all of you and Panda Chi for the priceless journey and all the things that you’ve shared.

With love and gratitude, Olya B.


With over 40 years of practice and experience I have developed a 3 fold practice that helps bring us back into our own natural harmony, which I call The System