What is Boredom? It is the mind-(ego) identifying to it’s own idea of ‘self’, which is not real because when we experience ‘self’ there is no Ego present. For example when you’re laughing & having a great time, does that thought; I’m having a great time, enter your mind? No, because you are the laughter & not separate from it. But once the Ego kicks in, we start to judge & make opinions.

When you look at flowers, do you get bored seeing them more than once? And could you say the same about watching a same movie over & over? So why is this?

A flower has no fixed design, or to say it has not been created by man. It is a spontaneous organic expression of nature. The flower doesn’t actually appeal to the mind but rather to ones soul because like the soul, it is born from the essence of creation, which resonates with our ‘being’ which is; beauty, peace & love. These qualities are expansive, eternal & never boring!

But the Ego on the other hand is mans creation & is always searching for stimulation to keep it satisfied but unfortunately it always ends up short. Because Ego will never be satisfied & will always want & need ‘more’ making boredom one of its closest friends & allies.

When we experience things that are created from Ego, they are limited, thus they become repetitive. This is boring, for the Ego has the idea it has seen everything & knows it better. Everything created from Ego is limited, especially its views. In actual fact anything created from it is not ‘real’ – because the root of Ego is subjective, therefore anything arising from it, is also subjective.

When we experience something beyond Ego such as bliss, joy, laughter or even gratitude. In those moments there is a suspension of time & total contentment, without any past or future. This is because the mind is not present, but as soon as we leave this realm, time begins again along with our identification to all our personal woes & anything else that bothers us.

Boredom can never occur when we are truly present & in the moment, it only comes when we’re not, for instance; ‘I’ve seen this already’ – ‘I wish this would end’ – ‘why does this take so long’, etc. These are all signs of not ‘being’ present where we are & wanting to be be somewhere else, which is crazy, because it’s not real. So a whole movie begins from this restless mind into; “a rambling internal conceptual dialog.”

This is what the mind does best, creating stories for us to emotionally bond to, when in fact there is nothing going on, except a drama based upon a source that is an illusion in essence.

From us investing so much of our time, emotions & beliefs towards our Ego is what makes it so ‘real’ for us.

To remove this ‘I’/Ego or even to lessen it, relieves us from so many of our problems & other maladies that plague us. Real happiness resides outside the realm of Ego & when we’re truly happy… we’re never bored!

With love & respect, Panda Chi


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