Essence of Creation

We are all the essence of creation & are born into this world to express & share it. When we don’t do this we lose our way, light & spirit. This leads to disease sickness & many other dysfunctional disorders that keep us from experiencing our unity, harmony & connection to source; God, Tao, or whatever you wish to call ‘that’.

The most common regret people have when they die is they did not live or speak their truth. This makes perfect sense because the primal energy of our existence is ‘creation’ & when not expressed & manifested we go against our true nature which leads to frustration & being unfulfilled.

It is so important for us to express ourself without attachment to fears of what others may think. When we don’t do this, we not only give our power away but also lose our connection to our own centre for someone else’s. This makes us disconnected & disorientated because we can only be content within ourself & not in someone else.

The key to our liberation is freedom itself, to feel & be free enough to express the deeper feelings & emotions connected to our primal nature & morality without the restrictions we place upon ourself because of our social conditioning.

Nature is the best reflection of this, it is completely still without ambition or ego; like a tree, it listens & only moves when the wind blows. It expresses creations primal energy through its beauty & abundance, manifesting with fruit, flowers, CO2 & the silence it holds. A selfless offering & sharing to all of humanity without personal gains or ulterior motives.

All journeys begin with a first step, take the first one by ‘being open & stepping out empty’

With much love & respect, Panda Chi

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