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Since I was 12, I practiced Tai Chi, which is a wonderful art & journey. It wasn’t till I was in my 30’s that I realised & experienced what the essence of what Tai Chi really was. This I received from different enlightened teachers I met along my way. Those beautiful souls hadn’t done any Tai Chi in the physical sense but what they did possess was emptiness, which is God, Tao or whatever you wish to call ‘That’.

I had been to so many different Tai Chi masters but none of them could give me the experience of ‘That’ which is beyond mind & form which is the essence that lies behind all manifestations. This desire I kept close to my heart since a child which has never faded.

I realise it is so much easier to get caught & taken in forms, techniques & practices and it is the rarest of the rare to find someone that can impart that which is formless that has no teaching to be taught or learnt, that which is spoken but cannot be heard, that which can be shown but not seen & what can be felt but not touched. This is the sharing of Presence. “The teaching without a teaching”

Those not working with me long, first identify & attach to the forms & exercises such as the Tai Chi Form & the other different techniques in class. And those that have persevered and stayed longer are no longer concerned with the techniques and drink from their own reservoir of peace & bliss which is the real purpose of class.

Everything we do in class has the internal underlining intention to help us return to “that” this is our true nature & home. It is the contentment that all people seek in Re-remembering their own fulfilment, but by most, done through external situations and objects, which always ends up short.

I have written this as a reminder, in not being so focused on what can be seen or heard but rather to sense & feel that which cannot be touched or seen. “That” which leaves nothing undone or unfulfilled!

With love & respect, Panda Chi

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