AMSTERDAM JUNE, 28-30, 2018





SWEDEN, JULY 10-15 July 2018 (6 day retreat)

A six day immersive retreat in a magical place for experiencing the work, this will be my 9th season, don’t miss it if you have the opportunity, space is limited…food for the soul!

Contact: Meeting Yourself-energy-chi-flow-retreat-panda-chi/




PATH OF TAO – Lithuania, JULY 20-24, 2018


FRANCE- CHÃTEAU DE LA SALLE, AUGUST 7-12, 2018 (6 day retreat) 

– arrival date, 6th departure 13th – due to the remote location

A stunning six day immersive retreat with a beautiful castle, in a magical place; Chateau de LaSalle grounds in Burgundy France.








ARAMBOL, GOA, INDIA, – New 2019 dates coming soon….


1) Dec. _

2) Dec. _

3) Jan. _

4) Feb._

5) March_

You are invited to a free Satsang on the Friday before each new course, from: 11am-12pm:


Registration: Sat, Sun, before each new course, Chi Garden:10am-12pm & 2-5pm


Class Times: 1st week: Mon-Fri, 9am-12:30pm-(Sat-Sun off – for processing) 2nd week: Mon- Fri,  9am-12pm & 5:00pm-6pm/Except Wed & Fri. morning class only.( all courses start on a Mon. unless noted; Check dates to be sure, times of classes remain the same)


 Location: Chi Garden; Across the main road that leads to Piya’s Guest House & MagicPark:  Go in 100 meters past Garden of Dreams, or come by for a visit anytime.



Panda’s Chi Garden: an Oasis of Peace & Calm in the heart of Arambol.

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